Social Media Retail Marketing

If you are visiting this blog you might be interested in having more funds in your life.  Are you interested in supplementing your current income?  Are you looking at pitching the full-time job?  Maybe you are retired and looking for something purposeful to do with your spare time. If any of these apply to you, or you have your own special reason for looking for more funds, then let’s look at few traditional ways to supplement income and compare them to a very new concept.

Home Parties

I remember growing up my mother taking me with her to a Tupperware Party. Selling at home parties was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s and there are some companies that continue to reach customers with that business model. It is a low-cost way to start you own business. Today a few products you can sell at home parties are candles, jewelry, and sex toys.  You do have to recruit friends and family to host parties, you take orders and then deliver the merchandise. To me the entire process seems like a lot of hassle.

Direct Catalog Sales

Another business model is selling one on one with a catalog.  Avon would be a good example of this.  You find people who are interested in your products.  They shop form your catalog, you process the order and deliver the products to your customer.  It is not uncommon once you develop a relationship with someone to get repeat orders. Getting out there and developing a customer base and delivering inventory can be a bit of work.

Multi-Level Marketing

Then next home based business model is Multi-Level Marketing, also known as MLM.  Mona Vie, is a company that was huge MLM.  Typical with most MLMs there one key product, which frequently highly priced.  The main focus is recruiting distributors whose main job is to recruit more distributors. This is often awkward and requires lots of phone calls and meetings. There is little focus on building a customer base and little if any customer service. This business model can be lucrative but does require a lot of commitment and effort. I know I have tried a few!

Social Media Retail Marketing

So far none of this options looks appealing to me, how about you? If you would like to look at a new method of making income from direct sales, Social Media Retail Marketing may be of interest to you.

I was not familiar with this concept until a few weeks ago when a friend sent me a Face Book message and tagged me on a Face Book post. If you have not spent much time on Face Book these terms may seem strange to you. There were new to me however, it is easy to learn what they are and how to work with them. If you know how to turn on a computer you can do this.

Social Media Retail Marketing is simply referring people to buy products on a web site. You can tell a friend about the site either when you speak or on Face Book. Actually, you can simply have business cards printed, with your referral code, like this  This gives your friend $10 off their first order. If they decide to go to the site and buy products you now have a customer.  You then get a commission when anyone shops using the referral code you give them. They will then get a code and repeat the process. It is very simple and something you most likely do when you find a product you like.

This concept did evolve from the Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) business.  It is however very different in many way.  I hope you are open to look at the big differences between the two and how is approach to marketing benefits everyone involved.

Comparing Social Media Retail to MLM

In the MLM system the entire business was driven by reciting distributors.  Typically, the company has one customer for every distributor. When you decided to “join” your focus was to get others to become distributors.  Many people who started in the business soon found the had joined the NFL, No Friends Left, after spending time recruiting.  In Social Media Retail Marketing, you do not have to become a distributor, you can be the customer.  In this model they average 20 customers to every distributor. In one company, you can still earn 42% commissions, when you give your referral code to friends.  There is no “signing up”, no meetings, no pressure to get others to “sign-up”.

There are three ways to interact with the company.  You can be a customer, buy high quality products at a great value.  You can refer others to the site and get commissions.  If in the end, you want to build a team you have the opportunity to do that too.  There is however the potential to earn money without asking anyone to “join”.

Frequently with MLMs, there is one product, manufactured by outside the company that is very high priced. In Social Media Retail Marketing, there is a web site with multiple, high quality, competitively priced products. They are always looking at new products to add to their site. There is no monthly commitment. You buy what you want and need when you want and need it. No boxes of product piled up in your garage.

The Next Level

You can follow the link to a company I believe has a lot of potential, .  Have a look at the site and see what you think.  Their focus is on “clean living” products. They are high quality and priced well within the range you most likely spending. This link will give you $10 off your first order and if you like what you see you can send a friend to the site with your referral code.

Have a look and leave a comment.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Earn Money With Your Home

Have you ever asked  “Can I make money from my home?”   Now I am not thinking about making money at home.  I am talking about  earning money with your home.   Let your home do the work and earn money for you.

Are you now thinking  ” I do not want to risk the equity in my home with a second mortgage” or worse yet, “I do not have much equity in my home”.  Well do not be concerned, there is no risk and it does not matter how much equity you have in your home. It does not matter if you have not made your first payment.

Do you have a spare room? Are you open to having an occasional overnight guest?  Would you like to make an extra $50 or more per night from that extra space? Then joining  Airbnb might be for you.

Airbnb began in 2008 when two people had space to share in their home.  They rented the space to travelers looking for a place to stay. Eight years latter Airbnb has grown to have millions of people register on their site, for free.  You can list or  rent a room or entire home, the site features one of a kind accommodations in all parts of the world.

Airbnb is a community built on sharing. It has developed a trusted service that make the process easy, enjoyable , and safe.  Through the registration process hosts and guests create personal profiles to get to know each other.  There is also a messaging system to communicate with each other during all aspects of the booking process.  Reviews  of both hosts and guests are posted on the site. This way you know  each other before the stay.

All fees are collected and payments taken care of by Airbnb. They have a safe, secure and trusted platform for payments.  Guest make payment at time of booking to Airbnb. Fees are then paid to host by Airbnb after the stay. Any  issue that come up, if any, are handle by their 24/7 customer service.

Registration is easy with the site.  You will be asked a series of question about your space. A drop down menu is provide to help answer most of the questions.

  • What type of room do you have
  • Number of People you can accommodate
  • The number and type of beds
  • Location

Many hosts have at least 8 photos. You can start with just one photo and come back later to add more. It is helpful to post photos of all the spaces a guest can use. This helps guests imagine what is will be like staying at your place.

You should write a description. The site will give you a few questions guest may have to get you started. It can be brief to get going.  You’ll be able to edit and write more next, so just get it started.

Not sure what to charge.  Not a problem. Airbnb will compare your location, season, and amenities  with similar properties.  They will then  give you an estimate of what you might charge.  The actual rent is you decision.

You will also be asked what essentials you will provide to help your guests feel at home. Nothing is required but extra touches help the guest welcome and can help improve you review.  As with most things on the internet, reviews can improve your revenues.
An alarm clock and radio make the room more inviting.  A TV and hair dryer are usually appreciated.  Brochures with information about the area is helpful. You can get these from your chamber of congress.  A few magazines would be a nice touch as well as a few books

Some hosts provide breakfast, or just coffee and tea.  A small dorm type refrigerator in the the room is a nice touch. You might stock it with a few bottles of water. A small coffee pot would also be appreciated. None of these things are required, but sometimes they add a nice touch to help guests feel welcome.

Amazon is a great resource for some to the things you might need for your money making room:

The site will also about safety features in your home, smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide detector, fire extinguisher among other things.

One last thing, locks.  It is important to have a lock on the bedroom door.  A key-less entry can be  more convent.  The also applies to the front door.The code can be given to your guest in advance and changed if necessary.

Listing a spare room is a great way to make extra money with your home. You do not have a full time room mate or the hassles of running a Bed and Breakfast.  You can choose when you want to rent, for how long and to whom. It is also a great way to meet new people. So if you would like an extra $50 or a few thousand dollars, check it out.

I hope you find this information helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below.

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How To Earn Money From A Blog

I thought about starting my own blog for several years.  Yes I said several year! Now I wonder what took me so long to get started.  I look at many sites that talked about how to start a blog but I did not take action.  Until now.

First, what do you think it mean to blog?  Let me tell you that blogging can be a great  business. Blogs do need to be set up and managed how ever it does not have to be difficult.  You will research and write about subjects that interest you, and get paid to do it. You can develop content for your blog, whenever you want, where ever you are! The flexibility involved allows you to work at your own pace and have control over your schedule. , The internet is easily accessible all over the globe. You can blog from almost any where. So even your vacation won’t get in the way of your blogging… Or should I say: even your blogging won’t get in the way of your vacation?

In this article, let’s take a look at the profitability of a blog and set up one of our own, free of charge! Interested? Read on!

Starting A Blog

First, you need to get yourself a blog site. There are several options – host a blog you pay for or you can get started for  free.

For starters, let’s talk about the free blogs. You can obtain one at or the newer (and better!) WordPress is a free blog engine that is robust and infinitely expandable.  I started my free blog at Wealthy Affiliates.

You can get a free blog at either Blogger or WordPress. If you start with Blogger or WordPress will be tinkering and figuring out the working of the platform on your own. I had much more success with Wealthy Affiliates. This site walks you through the process and offers tons of support. It made it much easier to get started an they do have a free option.

Lets start you blogging education. Here are some words to start expanding your blogging vocabulary:

Permalink – Permalink stands for permanent link, which is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that leads to an individual post that you make in your blog.

Trackback – When you post about someone else’s blog post elsewhere, your post will show up in their “trackback” section. This feature, however, is not available with a Blogger account.

Pinging – Blogging seems to be paired with pinging almost every time either one is mentioned nowadays. Pinging is actually the action where a certain aggregator is notified whenever your blog is updated, so that the aggregator may show the newest post of your blog on their website. This is a useful way to gain traffic.

Aggregator – An aggregator is a web site that gathers internet content and organizes information to drive engagement.

There is more to learn!


Content is the most important aspect of your blog.  Let’s look at how your content will help earn money a blog. You need to understand that your blog can be about any topic, just  write about  your  interests.  Whatever your interest there are other people that would like to learn more about the subject. An important thing to remember is your blog should add value to people’s lives. Provide them with information the will enrich them. Help them solve a problem or make life more enjoyable. To me that is priority number one.

An important thing to think about when learning how to earn money from a blog is how you write. I do not mean you need to write like an English Professor. Just the opposite! Would you rather read lecture notes or an off the cuff conversation from a friend?  I believe like most people you would prefer “light” reading.  It is also important that your blog add value to people in terms of information and to also needs is easy to understand.


I enjoy beer and money!

Having a personal touch is important when writing a blog.  This will keep subscriber coming back for more.  Keep a sense of humor, share personal experiences and think of you blog as a way to communicate with a friend.  After all don’t you want your readers to think of you as a trusted friend?

Write as if you are speaking to an individual. Your blog is not a formal address or speech.  Think of it as an intimate conversation with your close friend.  You want your reader to relate to you.

Let your personality shine through.  Express the true you. Be yourself and the people that relate to you will continue to follow your. This is you platform to express who you are.  You are using your words to let the world know who your are.

It is important to brand yourself in your blog.  Be different from everyone else.  Let your unique personality be the star of your blog. This will help you stand out for other blogger writing on similar topics.

Everyone is unique and has a story.  Everyone relates differently.  Everyone learns differently.  The people that relate to your uniqueness and feel comfortable learning from your style will continue to seek you out.  Maintain your style and brand.  The most important part about blogging is to be yourself. Have you read my “About Me” page?

Now I mention it took me awhile to get started.  I looked at the options and was still not sure about how to get started.  When you look at getting started for free with the WordPress or Google options it is important to look at how much help and support you will get.  Starting a new venture alone can be difficult.

The  free start-up option that I found offers lots of help and support, free domain names and free WordPress themes  is, Wealthy Affiliates There are video tutorials and helpful interactions with other people who are also learning. There is also forums with more experienced bloggers.

Wealthy Affiliates will help you get started for free.  The other free option do not offer the products and support you will get at Wealthy Affiliates. There are premium level memberships if you decide to up grade.  However you can have help getting up and running for free and maintain the a free site. You have nothing to lose by tying there free membership.  It was the program that finally got me out of research mode and into a productive mode.

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Kindle Direct Publishing

Would you like to be a Publisher?

Have you every thought of yourself as a book publisher?  Before you answer that let me ask a different question.  Have you ever thought about an on line opportunity that is very newbie friendly, a low cost of entry, is easy to learn and can provide passive income?  Well publishing Kindle Direct Publishing  just might be for you.

Just in case you are not aware Amazon is the largest on line retailer in the world with an estimated annual revenue of $75 billion,of that revenue $5.25 billion comes from book sales. Kindle books comprise a full 19.5 percent of all of the books sold in the U.S.  with e-books making up about 30 percent of all Amazon’s book sales.

Amazon Kindle Publishing has a 65 percent share of the e-book market.  Independent authors are the largest publisher  of e-books on Amazon.  Self-published authors also earn 40% of all royalties on the Kindle Store. That is a huge market and it is growing.


Help Writing Books

Now your a probably wondering why I asked if you every thought about publishing and then give you information about being a self-published author.  You can be a “self-published author” without ever writing a word. Hire a writer!  It is called Ghost Writing.  You pay someone to write for you and you publish it as your own. It is perfectly legit!

There are companies and individuals that make there living writing.  They are not interested in marketing. You simple have to decide on a niche and create a title. From there you contribute as much or as little as you like and the Ghost Writer creates content.  Your job is to publish your  e-book on Kindle, and market your e-book.  There are several Ghost Writers in the resource section.

Learn Kindle Publishing

I did not think I could be a publisher until I found Stefan Jame’s K Money Mastery.  This is an excellent program for anyone interested learning how to start a Kindle publishing business.  The video lessons walk you through all the steps to get started and to maintain a profitable on line business.  Stefan shows you how find a profitable niche, a killer title, a ghost writer, outsource the cover design, get your book published and ranked on Kindle publishing.   There are also  lessons on making money on the back end of your book for long term profits.  This could possibly the best way to make money writing books.  Check in out K Money Mastery.

Using this system I have three books in the pipeline, and working on more. One thing that has kept me from starting an online  business is my concern about writing.  Never liked to write and never thought I could be good at it.  I followed the lessons K Money Mastery  and used a ghost writer. I  give the writer a title and let them go for it.  You can provide an outline or provide as much detail as you like. The more information you provide the more control you have over the final product.


Writing A Book

If you would rather do the writing yourself that is an option. Think you might like to write your own book but not sure?  Consider the How to Write a Book In Less Than 24 Hours course, follow the link to learn more.  As I said, a year ago I was paralyzed by the thought of writing anything.  I realize it is not much different than having a conversation with a friend.

Write it your self or have someone else write the book and you publish. Either way it is a great way to get an online, home based business going.  This can be a gate way to other internet marketing opportunists.  Build a list of customers and come to know and like you and you will have long lasting business.
It’s worth highlighting that Amazon offers the most advanced and the largest digital self-publishing platform – Kindle Direct Publishing. The global monthly fund for March 2015 was $3 million and with a  It’s not surprising that many  authors, with a click of a button make their books exclusive to Kindle Direct Publishing.

I spent over a year researching how to get started on the internet and Kindle Direct Publishing is what got me started.  As I said it is newbie friendly and has low start up cost.  So check out K Money Mastery, they even have a free trial!

Just in case you missed the banners I will have links on the resource page. Check it out and let me know what you think. I personally bought and used the K Money Mastery course.  I am not ready to write a book myself.  Maybe you are.

I am not a millionaire however I do have a business that is growing.  I also want to add I am an affiliate of the programs and will get a commission if you buy anything from a link on my site.  The blog and affiliate marketing are the next rung in my business ladder and we will discuss that in the future.


If you are interested in learning more about Kindle Publishing but not ready to invest in a course. I have an e-book and a min-course for you.  These are both my gifts to you.

There is nothing to lose and they may help you decide if Kindle Publishing is right for you.  There are many ways to earn money and not all are right for everyone.  So if you want to learn more before you invest in a course have a look at this free information.

I hope you will accept this gift and find it useful. You can access them on my Publish on Kindle Page.

Leave you comments and questions and I will get back to you.

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Earning More Money

Welcome to my blog and my first post.  I have been considering this for a long while.  The main reason it has taken me so long is that I thought I hated to write.  Hate is a very strong word and was most likely not what I was feeling to begin with.  So I made a decision to just get started and do it. Now that I have gotten started I find it is not that difficult and I don’t dislike it.  This is gong to be a conversation between friends. I would like this site to become an exchange of information and hope you can join in the conversation.

I would like to primarily share with you way to increase income and get more of what we want with the money we have. Success in life is not measured by the amount of money you have however I think we can agree we need money. So it is helpful to look at way to earn money without sacrificing yourself.  You will  find links to resource to help in this adventure. Some of the areas we can examine:Ideas for making money

  • Kindle Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • On Line Stores
  • Crafting For Fun and Profit
  • Drop Shipping
  • Travel    How to get there and stay for free (or close to free)

My goal is to add value to your life.  The best way I can think of doing that is by first listening to what you need.  So use the comment section, let me what is on your mind. and what interests you. Most importantly I want give value to you and have fun. Maybe we can also share recipes and craft ideas.

Thank you for visiting.  Talk to you soon.  Christine

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