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Welcome to my blog and my first post.  I have been considering this for a long while.  The main reason it has taken me so long is that I thought I hated to write.  Hate is a very strong word and was most likely not what I was feeling to begin with.  So I made a decision to just get started and do it. Now that I have gotten started I find it is not that difficult and I don’t dislike it.  This is gong to be a conversation between friends. I would like this site to become an exchange of information and hope you can join in the conversation.

I would like to primarily share with you way to increase income and get more of what we want with the money we have. Success in life is not measured by the amount of money you have however I think we can agree we need money. So it is helpful to look at way to earn money without sacrificing yourself.  You will  find links to resource to help in this adventure. Some of the areas we can examine:Ideas for making money

  • Kindle Publishing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • On Line Stores
  • Crafting For Fun and Profit
  • Drop Shipping
  • Travel    How to get there and stay for free (or close to free)

My goal is to add value to your life.  The best way I can think of doing that is by first listening to what you need.  So use the comment section, let me what is on your mind. and what interests you. Most importantly I want give value to you and have fun. Maybe we can also share recipes and craft ideas.

Thank you for visiting.  Talk to you soon.  Christine

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