Living Well Spending Less

Living well while spending less is not about being cheep, it is about getting the most value for your hard earned dollars. Evaluating and comparing products before buying.  Knowing where you are spending your money and what you are getting.  Doing your research and being an informed consumer.Christmas at the Breakers

It is about finding smart bargains.  No matter how much any thing is discounted it is not a bargain if it does not add value to your life.  A free item can end up costing you money.  Think about the cute little puppy the neighbor is giving away. Add up the vet bills, licenses, food and accidents on your carpet.  Was did that puppy actually cost?  Don’t get me wrong I am sure the puppy does proved value to your life, but it was not free.

Everything is a trade off.  We trade our time for money and our money for goods and services.  Looking at ways to give up less of time for more money and interesting way to spend less money, I believe will add value to your life. I want to help you look at ways to get your own business started and enjoy your life while spending less.

Setting up any business is not a free process but it is possible to do with any size budget.   Online businesses present great opportunities to be your own boss without spending lots of money.  Some of the things you will need to get an online business up and running are hosting, a domain name and platform.  There are was to get inexpensive or even free start up offers.  We will look at some of this options.  You can evaluate the reviews and see which provide the greatest value to you.

Once you are earning  more money with your new business and have new found free time there are way to enjoy yourself with out spending large sums of money.  From getting away to finding a place to stay can be done inexpensively.  We will explore ways to travel and keep money in your pocket.

Every week I get offers to house sit in France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Belize and in homes around the US.  I know women who have not paid rent for extended periods of time house sitting.  I prefer using this as a way to vacation and have a home base.  With your own home it is also possible to house swap and vacation inexpensively.  I have also had some luxury vacations in exchange for 90 minutes of my time.  I have a trip planed to Cancun, Mexico at an all inclusive resort for $100.  Yes I said all inclusive, hotel, food, drinks, activities and tips! You can learn to do this.

One other thing is finding deals and coupons online.  I have a few sites that I use and would love to have you share your bargain hunting tips.

Thanks for visiting my site.  Please leave comments and let me know any specific topic you would like to discuss.

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